Shops & Studios

A. Ralph Moore & Sons

Ralph Moore and Sons is your source for everything birds, and MORE!  We sell a large assortment of bird feeders, wild bird mixtures, suet, whole grains, pet bird accessories and mixtures, including 100% Oxford county Grown spray millet, pigeon accessories and mixtures. 

We carry the perfect gifts for your favorite bird enthusiast, along with squirrel busting accessories, DIY Butterfly houses and feeders, bat houses and insect boxes.  We have something for everyone.


245654 Milldale Rd.  Otterville  519-879-6588   Open Saturday only (for tour)

B. Plaid Shirt Farms Ltd 

At Plaid Shirt Farms, artisanal, small batch jams, juices and sparkling drinks are produced from homegrown Black Currants and Haskap berries. 

Our jams are always created “fruit first” offering a taste that's just sweet enough and bursting with natural goodness.

Indulge in the pure and vibrant flavours, of our no sugar added, Haskap or Black Currant juice.

New in 2023, are our very popular Sparkling Black Currant and Sparkling Haskap drinks.

Stop in, your taste buds will thank you!

225804 Otterville Rd.  519-719-9458   

C. Sue Goossens

"A distinct watercolour style......."

Sue creates watercolours on paper and canvas using an intense colour palette, which is unique to the medium. She has a selection of new pieces from her recent trip to Newfoundland.

Gallery in her home is open all year by appointment.

165548 New Rd.  Otterville   519-879-6352

D. Sharon Garner - new on the tour this year!

Unique refreshed pieces of furniture for home decor. 


42 North St. E  519-774-1022

E. Mae Leonard

Acrylic paintings and wire sculptures inspired by nature.


38 Mill St. E  519-879-6622

F. Lianne Todd

“My gallery space at the back of my house is filled with both hand painted watercolours on paper and original mathematical renderings on metal and acrylic.  The subject matter ranges from travel scenes to fractal patterns reminiscent of nature.   Vivid colours and realistic textures enliven both natural and imagined scenery.  A wide variety makes it easy for everyone to find something they really like.”

 229 Main St. W.  Otterville    519-879-9903  or 

G. Rooted in Floral ( Annette Lilley)

Rooted in Floral is a gift shop featuring local artists and vintage home decor. The nature inspired floral creations are a favourite.

Open Saturdays 10:00 - 4:00

 220 Main St. W.  Otterville    519-643-6474      

H. Linda DeJonghe

Linda's  original oil paintings are inspired by her creative mind.  She is one of the original members of Welcome Back to Otterville. 

 274 Main St. W.  Otterville    519-879-6746   

I. Shirley Hokke

At Otterview Art Studio, Shirley will make you feel right at home.  You will be delighted to discover Shirley's recent abstracts of 'Leaves and Fences' in acrylics and collage.  Her plein air oil paintings are more traditional in expressing landscapes. While her loose brushwork of wet 'n wet watercolours capture your attention. Shirley's art studio is open all year for art classes and painting sales.  Feel free to text or call. 


107 Mill St. W.    226-993-0756

J. Marlene (Young) Long

Marlene usually works in oils but has recently started working in watercolors.  "I like to draw a lot too. I prefer realism in my art.... I like painting scenes of all types and also some animals..."

712439 Middletown Line  Otterville    289-821-0188